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Typography, graffiti, tattoos, hip hop & basketball

An image dump for my future reference, nothing too creative

Melbourne City

Halloween sketch
One for the snowboarders out there
Not sure why i haven’t seen this MJ/Obama/Chicago meme anywhere yet
Another new typographic illustration.
Create and destroy
New illustration up on the website.

As more and more details are released about the upcoming NBA 2K13, it is quickly being made clear that this will be by far the best basketball video game ever made. Perhaps the greatest feature is the ability to pit the 1992 Dream Team up against the 2012 version.
Sneak peak at the Tim Hardaway tee.
Details are almost all finalised. Will open up pre-sales on monday for those who were asking for these to be printed & want to guarantee your sizes. Strictly limiting the run to 50 pieces to minimise the logistics of shipping them to everyone.
I’m excited!
nbadoppelgangers said: How can I see your tees?

Putting pre-sales up in a couple days. 

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Penny Hardaway version.
Stay tuned for t-shirts